What is a Dandelion Anonymization Proposal?

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Bitcoin is not an unknown cryptocurrency, notwithstanding some “financial experts” claiming otherwise. It is clear a lot of people would like to see some-more anonymity when regulating cryptocurrency, though. As a result, they group to alternatives, such as Monero and ZCash. A new BIP might finally extend Bitcoin a anonymity so many people are looking for. Dandelion is an intriguing judgment that deserves a closer look.

Dandelion Is Now A Bitcoin alleviation Proposal

It is critical to note a Dandelion network is not something that has grown out of a blue. The judgment was primarily due in Feb of this year in a form of a whitepaper. At that time, a feedback was altogether positive, as it seems to check a lot of a right boxes for Bitcoin users looking to urge their anonymity. Fast brazen to today, and a doing of Dandelion might be a lot closer than many people would anticipate.

Under a hood, a Dandelion custom packs some engaging features. It is designed by a ZCash confidant and a group of university researchers. By introducing a whole new form of transaction broadcasting, a Bitcoin network can effectively be anonymized. More specifically, it would forestall blockchain research teams from

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