Ethereum Classic enthusiasts have been looking forward to the Emerald Project. This particular project will solve a lot of problems which are present in the ETC ecosystem. It will also introduce the first official major wallet solution to verify ETC transactions in a trustless manner. There is a lot more to the Emerald project, so now is a good time to get familiar with it.

Emerald Project is a Major Breakthrough for Ethereum Classic

Ever since Ethereum Classic was created due to the Ethereum hard fork, the ecosystem has slowly gained traction. More people have started to show an appreciation for what ETC has to offer. This particular blockchain offers all of the same technology provided by Ethereum itself, but it does not include the hard fork created to bail out The DAO investors. Other than that, Ethereum Classic has smart contracts, DApps, and is more than capable of hosting cryptocurrency ICOs if needed.

However, there are still some aspects of the Ethereum Classic ecosystem that need to be improved. Even though there are different ETC wallet solutions available already, none of these projects verify transactions in a trustless way. That will come to change once the Emerald wallet is released to the public. It is expected this project will come to fruition over the coming months, albeit no specific release date has been communicated at this time.

The Emerald Project is about much more than “just” providing a proper wallet, though. It will also address some other issues found in the ETC ecosystem. There is no common framework to build Dapps on top of the Ethereum Classic blockchain. It is certainly possible to do so right now, but it is a very complicated process. Moreover, there are no real UI components and no guidelines for third-party developers.

Right now, Dapps developers need to figure out the whole architecture for their creation. Additionally, support for Ethereum smart contract features and native tokens need to be coded manually. This is a very painstaking process, yet the Emerald Project will bring a much-needed solution to all of these problems. Once these problems are solved, it is highly likely we will see Ethereum Classic integrated into more services, applications, and products.

Once the Emerald Wallet is completed, the Ethereum Classic developers will split the Emerald ecosystem into different independent pieces. This means the SDK will become its own project, and a second Dapp will be created. This is done to provide access to smart contracts for developers. Plus, a command-line utility to integrate third-party software into Ethereum Classic will be built as well. There is a lot to look forward to, that much is certain.

According to the Ethereum Classic roadmap, the Emerald Wallet will be released at some point in 2017. The same goes for the Dapp SDK, which is based on the Emerald Project. The remainder of 2017 could prove to be quite enticing for all Ethereum Classic enthusiasts moving forward. A lot of good things are in development right now, and the ecosystem will continue to grow because of these efforts.

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