Bitcoin Press Release: Caviar’s real-estate-backed token offers predictive model-powered diversification off the blockchain, positioned for crypto investors that want stability in a bear market and traditional investors early entry into cryptocurrency.

10 January 2018, The Cayman Islands –  In the words of the renowned investor John Templeton, “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die of euphoria.” And as the volatility of the cryptocurrency market continues to fluctuate between euphoric highs and initial drops, the creators behind the Caviar (CAV) dual-purpose token and crowdfunding platform built on the Ethereum blockchain are starting off the new year with something that could be considered rare for cryptocurrency: an offering to diversify and stabilize blockchain assets off the blockchain. Caviar’s token generating event is currently running through January 31 with the goal of raising $25 million in total.

With the CAV token offering access to income producing real estate debt and fast-growing cryptocurrencies, Caviar’s team is taking an entirely new approach to the volatile nature of crypto markets by touting built-in downside protection and automatic diversification. Caviar’s leaders aim to appeal to traditional and crypto contributors alike with a strategy that prioritizes and balances both of their reasons behind investing in real estate and cryptocurrency markets.

2018 Focus on Safeguarding Crypto Investments

“I bought my first Bitcoin five years ago. So I’ve been as excited as the next crypto enthusiast to see its’ value skyrocket in the last few months,” commented Kirill Bensonoff, partner at Caviar. “But as an entrepreneur entering my career right when the dot-com bubble burst, being educated on the ways of financial markets, and a Game of Thrones fan I may add, it definitely seems like winter is coming for the crypto market. While I think it’s great that the mainstream is now paying attention with optimism in cryptocurrency, I think more investors need to start rethinking their diversification strategies within crypto by taking a tokenizing approach with other elements outside of crypto that are reliable and have sustained value.”

Caviar aims to answer that challenge by offering a diversification strategy that can leverage both sides of the coin depending on which markets are down, and which are stable at any given time. “A Google search of ‘diversify crypto investments’ will get you articles on diversifying across various types of cryptocurrencies, but we see this as an asset class that is too closely correlated to truly diversify to the best interest of investors. What we see as becoming the norm by this time next year as more companies meet the demand of what could be bear market conditions, will be a combination approach between crypto and something outside of crypto. Our solution diversifies outside the asset class by combining crypto investments with the real estate debt market,” said Caviar partner Alex Shvayetsky.

Caviar at Forefront of Crypto Real Estate Movement

Caviar’s platform creates a single cryptographic token on the Ethereum blockchain that provides token holders with a diversified, risk-adjusted and data-driven portfolio that takes advantage of both the stability of the real estate market and the liquidity and growth of the cryptocurrency market. This strategy helps to maximize the possible returns from digital coins while hedging against the imminent market downturns. While a dual approach between real estate and cryptos can seem complex, Caviar’s mission is relatively simple: bring additional utility to token holders by allowing real estate developers to raise money for projects using a crowdfunding mechanism.

A combination approach with real estate could become more common, according to James Sowers, ICO Advisor, Angel Investor and Crypto Capitalist who noted that “Diversification in various classes of crypto is the best strategy for the majority of institutional investors that will pile into the space in 2018. By late 2018 real estate will become a major part of the crypto asset class. Caviar is at the forefront of the crypto real estate movement.”

Predictive Model Drives Real-Time Decisions

As explained in the recent company blog post “Caviar: Why Diversification Is Always a Sound Strategy, Especially in a Crypto Crash or Bear Market,” Caviar leverages a proprietary Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM) for crypto-assets and cryptocurrency price forecasting — both long and short term — which enhances predictability as well as asset allocation. The Caviar IPM is an artificial intelligence predictive algorithm based on a machine learning approach for price forecasting in both short and long-term projection timescales, allowing for stronger predictive power and more effective asset allocation. IPM uses historical data and a mixture of qualitative/quantitative metrics, in combination with analysis of the underlying cryptocurrency ecosystem, social signals, and trends. Data is automatically collected from various sources to make judgments in real time.

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