Munchee has launched the world’s first decentralized blockchain-based food application to offer consumers value for their money. The application is designed to give food lovers a platform where they can read recommendations and reviews of different restaurant dishes via videos and photos.

What does Munchee Blockchain offer?

Some of the amazing benefits of the blockchain are:

  1. Decentralized system

Over the years, several centralized platforms have been unable to prove the food reviews are free from manipulation. One of the platforms has been specifically found guilty of review manipulations. The goal of Munchee decentralized platform is to offer a platform where such manipulation is impossible. As a result, invalid reviews are prevented as the platform promises to be transparent and fair. Through blockchain review authentication, consumers can trust any review they found on any food website or blog.

  1. Middlemen elimination

 Many restaurants have been exploited by centralized payment companies like Mastercard, VISA, and American Express and a host of others. Some of them charge exorbitant fees that make breaking even difficult for some restaurants. With the MUN token, small restaurant owners can benefit from reduced fees which will offer them the opportunity to stay in business and thrive rather than be forced to close down due to exorbitant charges.

  1. It offers rich rewards

Most often, it is the people who have had a bad experience are encouraged to post their reviews than people with positive or neutral reviews. With the Munchee, this anomaly will be duly addressed. Contributors are offered some MUN tokens as a reward for their contribution, regardless of the tone of the review. As a result of this, more users will be encouraged to participate actively and make the process transparent and fair.

The company has a team of experts cutting across different fields including blockchain experts, Ph.D. holders, Ex-Google staff members, and stellar advisors. Among these respected influencers are Nick Ayton, a member of the Top 21 Blockchain Influencers, Loi Luu of KyberNetwork, and Addison Huegel, a former communications consultant at the Ethereum Foundation, and Min Kim, the Chief of Staff of Civic.

In recognition towards our efforts to bring sanity to the industry, we have been featured on major sites.

We were also voted #1 most favorite product in June on Product Hunt.

Upcoming token pre-sale

Munchee will have its token pre-sale on October 31, 2017. This is to offer interested investors in the company an opportunity to enjoy a pre-sale discount of 15%. Interested investors are encouraged to prepare in advance for the token pre-sale and have a chance at becoming one of the earliest investors in the company.

Token Burn Plan

This plan allows Munchee to take a small fraction of the MUN tokens out of circulation each time the company is paid some advertising fee by a restaurant. As more tokens are taken out of circulation and with the existence of the tiered membership plan, the remaining MUN tokes will undoubtedly appreciate with the reduced number of MUN tokens in circulation.

The platform will also be offering a 5% referral reward! After buying your own MUN tokens you will be given a unique referral URL that you can send to your friends or colleagues to also participate. Blog owners and websites can also earn from our referral as they get the 5% commission on each buyer through your referral link!  So, if your friend buys 100,000 MUN tokens through your referral link, you’ll get 5,000 MUN for free!

Therefore, this is now the ripe time to make a move and join the growing number of users of this application. Remember, you will be richly rewarded for doing so.

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