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For some time now, a lot of experts have been claiming that something is about to happen in the crypto world. Numerous markets started gaining value, while others began losing. Amid all the speculations, the crypto community experienced another exciting twist, where Ripple managed to overgrow Ethereum in terms of the market cap once again.

XRP overtakes Ethereum for the second time in 2018

At the time of writing, Ripple (XRP) is actually the second largest crypto, with its market cap exceeding that of Ethereum for around $200M. The growth came suddenly, and it began in the last 24 hours when XRP news reported that Ripple value broke through $0.5 resistance.

At the time of writing, XRP price is at $0.554132, with a massive 20% increase. This is not the first time that Ripple has experienced a price surge of this size, nor the first time in the last few months that it managed to replace ETH as the second largest crypto. This type of behavior is usually followed by ETH rising even more, and reclaiming its position. Soon after that, things would go back to normal.

However, the growth does come as a surprise, mostly because there were no indications that something like this would happen. Contrary to the expectations, Ripple held on to a price of $0.46 for weeks, and many have taken this as a sign of stability. Now, Ripple is snowballing once more.

A lot of investors have started wondering if this is an official start of a real bull run, similar to the one of late 2017. If so, then this XRP news may only be the beginning. Right now, all of the top 20 cryptocurrencies apart from Tether (USDT) are trading in the green. The same is true for most altcoins in the top 50.

It is currently unknown whether this trend will continue, or will it simply weaken and die down. This is certainly the kind of development that the community has been hoping for, for a while. It is also unknown what has caused the price surge, although some believe that the addition of a new margin trading pair between Ripple and Bitcoin on OKEx might be the reason. Some say recent XRP CMC listing is responsible. Perhaps OKEx is only the spark that started the surge, while XRP has been preparing for it during the last several weeks.

Another thing that is expected to arrive is some sort of backlash on social media. Ripple is a cryptocurrency that has had its fair share of controversies, especially throughout 2018. Because of that, many would use an opportunity like this one to share their view on this asset.

For now, Ripple continues to grow. The community would like to know where its price is going to end up, but to achieve that, they will simply have to be patient. Things currently look pretty charming for XRP (as well as the rest of the market), and a lot of investors will be entirely pleased if its price remains above $0.5 once everything calms down.

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