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Ripple’s XRP currency was born with a very specific purpose in mind: to eliminate all the friction that banks and financial institutions have to deal with when they settle international payments using the traditional SWIFT system. XRP and Ripple’s blockchain and technologies were not meant, initially, to be a retail currency that could be used by people like you and me. It was (and to some extent, it remains) a digital asset for bankers so that their job becomes easier, quicker, safer in a way in which the benefits trickle down to their customers.  That’s why today’s news is so important.

Ripple is not changing the outlook it has in terms of customer base, but it’s understood that expanding their horizons are good for the company, for the XRP coin and for the cryptosphere as a whole. In that spirit, the company has been looking to establish new strategic partnerships that bring XRP to new customers and make it more of a street coin than an elite coin.

XRP is looking to become real money, and they’re succeeding slowly but surely. For instance, there is a European bank that, right now, can give you a debit card based on XRP which you can use to pay for good and services in the exact same way you can use your savings account’s plastic card based on your local fiat currency.

The latest development in this sense is called XRPunited (based at www[dot]xrpunited[dot]com) which is a cryptocurrency exchange based on XRP. Why is this important? Because most (if not all) crypto trades and exchanges in the world are based on Bitcoin. This one is not, this one is based on Ripple’s XRP.

Let’s dig a little deeper. If there is a crypto coin you fancy, other than Bitcoin (and a handful of others) you can’t just buy it at your exchange of choice paying with your debit or credit card. You need to buy some Bitcoins, then transfer them to your exchange and use them to get the cryptocurrency of your preference. This is why most of the crypto trade is pegged with Bitcoin. In this new exchange, you will be able to trade any cryptocurrency you want based on XRP instead of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the other usual suspects.

This is great news for a project that’s been steadily growing in value lately, as the rest of the market has been going down. Also, this is going to boost the very same coin that was last year’s most profitable one.

The new project will create an additional trading volume for XRP as well as new demand. Those will be the two factors that will drive the market up, in the long run.

XRPunited went a few days ago, and it won’t only allow you to trade XRP for any fiat or cryptocurrency you want, but also for any commodity. Gold, coffee, soybeans, you name it. In their own words, it’s all about the new “internet of value”.

This is exciting news for all those who hold Ripple’s XRP tokens, but it’s also good for the cryptosphere as a whole as well managed projects are achieving mainstream adoption and becoming useful in the real world.

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