The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries. In 2015, global international tourism revenue reached approximately 1.26 trillion U.S. dollars, having almost doubled since 2005. One of the essentials of travelling is accommodation and the supply in that area is growing constantly to keep up with the increasing demand.

As people wish to reduce the cost of their travels the first thing they try to cut is payments to third parties. This has been carried out quite successfully by Airbnb and that have collected thousands and more options to one website. This has lowered the prices of short-term vacation rentals by reducing commission fees and introducing large-scale competition. But even with the rise of Airbnb or the commission fees are rather high. We at ZANGLL are planning to change this industry radically.

For example! Still quite recently, when the Russian real estate rental market was dominated by two-three big companies, the commission fee on the rental price was from 50% to 100%. Today the commission fees in the short-term real estate rental market are 15-20%. ZANGLL is the first decentralized P2P-platform in the market of short-term vacation rentals that will only charge the transaction fee of 0,45%. No other extra costs are implemented.

With the use of cryptocurrency ZNGL we at ZANGLL can offer in addition to no intermediary fees also instant payments all over the world. No need to wait 3 bank days or more. ZANGLL will also offer smartcontracts, free property listing, honest ratings (inability to change or fabricate ratings), leased property insurance mechanism, transparent system by using blockchain technology and the possibility of E-locks. ZANGLL system is safe, transparent, fast and using the latest technologies.

All this will make ZANGLL the future No. 1 brand in the short-term rentals market. We at ZANGLL welcome you to join our future success.

First participants of ICO shall receive considerable bonuses (are not summarized):

  • First hour 35%

  • First 24 hours 30%

  • Next 24 hours 25%

  • First week 20%

  • Second week 15%

  • Third week 10%

  • Fourth week 5%

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