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Zeex has inked a series of new deals with crypto wallet providers as a central element in the company’s move to revolutionize the wallet marketplace with its new proprietary gift card liquidity mechanism. Zeex has now signed deals with Bancor, Hooxi, Coinwall, Ginco, Sirin, and BreadWallet (BRD). 

Introducing Zeex

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Zeex is a platform that confronts the most limiting obstacle in the crypto space: utility as a medium of exchange with a marketplace comprised of traditional products and services and traditional modes of commerce. Zeex offers users the ability to skip over the fiat currency step and make purchases by converting cryptocurrency into “corporate currency” through the Giftcard channel.

What’s the Big Deal?

At this stage, there are no truly effective means to circumnavigate the fiat step and utilize gift card exchange liquidity directly from cryptocurrency. While Coinbase has anointed the “Prepaid Crypto Giftcard” concept, this is a relatively recent development and the market has yet to comprehensively adjust.

Zeex has seized the initiative and emerged as the leading player on this front, with support from its non-blockchain sister, Zeek. Zeex has already lined up a series of blue-chip corporate brands, including Nike, ASOS, XBOX, Reebok, and Amazon, and is already pushing its minimum viable product iteration into late-stage production.

This is the core of the Wallet 2.0 vision at Zeex. The network effect is starting to take hold already. Soon, users will be able to simply use crypto wallets to make purchases with major brands without needing to convert to fiat currency, and without any fees.

The expansion campaign will push Zeex user base to 2 million and provide millions of consumers with a better way to navigate the crypto and retail universe.

Commentary from Brent Traidman, Chief Revenue Officer of BRD:

“Zeex’s singular mission is to make crypto useful for everyday consumers, which is highly aligned with the mission of BRD. The ability to exchange crypto assets for electronic gift cards will provide BRD’s global users the immediate benefit of shopping at their favorite retailers and online stores. The next ‘killer app’ in crypto is usability. Our partnership with Zeex is a big step forward in bring usability and wider adoption crypto assets with everyday consumers. Integrating Zeex’s global electronic gift card marketplace will address the one of the biggest hurdles in crypto today, which is the ability to spend one’s crypto assets as easily as their local currency.”

For more information, visit Zeex website and Telegram.

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