Alternative monetary systems using blockchain technology have proven themselves and we are passing the phase where they’re being used on a commercial scale, regulations are on their way and more and more people are getting into this new field regardless of their initial knowledge of the tech itself. A group of the most anticipated third-generation blockchain platforms this year would be powering fields outside the socio-economical sphere. Covering various industrial sectors, distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are here to upscale the way we use and interfere with legal entities in numerous ways. One of the sectors that show major interest in adopting this new technology is naturally the health sector, and as a result sectors under its wing, including biotechnology, bioinformatics, and cancer detection, to name a few, among other specified fields, are all integrating into the new era of technological advancement using blockchain solutions to take their studies and services on a whole new level. Companies & projects like Zenome (ZNA), ARNA Genomics (ARNA), EncrypGen (DNA), MedicalChain, and Dentacoin (DCN)are all a step ahead of the industrial revolution that’s around the corner and they’re probably changing our lives and the way we comprehend medical science for good.

Blockchain technology helps these projects to create networks of databases and users within their respective ecosystems and online, software or even hardware interfaces. There are various use-cases that are solving major issues regarding fast and reliable information transfer within a specific network or group of users, information accuracy, and originality, licensing, and administration of important classified documents on an encrypted fashion. As for an external user, there is no need to mention how much it would help to store personal or family medical data on an extremely secure ledger, where only you have access to that data and with your signature or approval it can be instantly sent to doctors, health research centers and experts on the field, without middlemen, without papers, without ‘curious’ personnel taking a quick look on your data before delivering them to their final destination.

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One of the most exciting projects around that sphere, not only for the community but also personally, would be Zenome (ZNA).  Zenome is a genomics & bioinformatics company using blockchain technology to help people store, exchange and “rent” their genomic information inside the DLT platform created by Zenome.

In a nutshell, a user could visit an accredited DNA testing laboratory and proceed in DNA testing of himself. The lab would print the results on a paper and share them with the patient. The user, who is now the owner of his own DNA code, can upload this file to the Zenome Platform and if approved (based on the accuracy, source, and originality of the paperwork) this information will be stored on the ledger and could be used for various purposes if the user agrees.

For example, if a company, medical institution or scientific research center is looking for DNA samples or information based on real data collected from real humans, the user could provide his “Accurate intelligence” regarding his genomic code to the respective organization in exchange for ZNA tokens, the native currency of the Zenome platform. ZNA tokens can be used to buy, rent or sell genomic data within the encrypted network, always with the approval of the user. DNA testing could be also paid with ZNA in the future and any individual is legible to transfer and sell his ZNA tokens in accredited exchange markets for alternative digital assets or currencies.

As previously discussed, you shall already know that until today we based our medical progression on infinite animal testing and speculations. Zenome will be able to provide accurate genomic data to scientific researchers based on real individuals, accelerating the speed and accuracy of an ongoing research while minimizing the risk of failure since the data will not be speculative but real and undeniably accurate since it was generated by real humans who did an accredited DNA test. That alone is a big leap towards the future of genomics and health sciences in general, but that is not the only reason we shall pay attention to the Zenome project.

As of February 1st, Zenome launched their first public-sale of ZNA tokens. Thousands of individuals from all over the world participated in the pre-sale before that, resulting in an end of sale in a matter of hours, attracting at the same time more people who wanted to join in the next round.

The Zenome team was more than excited and happy to interfere with anyone on their social presence, literally helping people on a personal scale to get involved with the project step by step. Last evening before the public-sale started the Zenome registration form experienced several technical issues, delaying the process. As a result, the team had to be awake all night and work manually on processing the registrations, again guided on a personal scale for each participant. Not only that but the Zenome team was offering free 300 ZNA tokens to all participants that applied before the end of the day as a move of respect and appreciation to the patient community. Note that 1 ZNA costs around $0,6 USD at that point.

Now if that isn’t a decent and professional community, I don’t know which one is. I’ve been participating myself in several ICOs in the past and in some cases, not only they would delay the process, but they would change the prices without notification, give you fewer tokens in the end and sometimes would reply to your messages days after your submission during the important period of the sale.

The Zenome team proved us that not only they are going to change the world with their services and expertise but they’re also decent, energetic and helpful, treating everyone as part of the team.

What you guys think about the future of health industry and Zenome in particular? What is your favorite health-related project using blockchain technology? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Reporting for The Independent Republic, Ross Peili


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