Zilliqa (ZIL) – The cryptocurrency market was stuck in a $300 billion dollar market capitalization overall yesterday, with a sudden uptick to $340 billion today. While it is almost impossible to tell what 2018 has in store many believe this could possibly be the last dip before the major bull run. Bitcoin has dipped to below $8,000 for the second time in 2018 but has since bounced up. Coins like Tron (TRX) and Zilliqa (ZIL) are small coins that investors believe could see potentially massive gains this year and reach new all time highs. Zilliqa was recently listed on the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance and is believed by some to have the potential to reach levels of $0.1. Adding to their elite team, Zilliqa recruited a JP Morgan employee, En Hui Ong, who joined the team as head of Business Development and says,

“The biggest draw for me is the team. In blockchain, a young and evolving space, the Zilliqa team is very different from most projects out there. The team are tight knit, mostly from research backgrounds, and I value the professionalism and integrity that they stand for.” En Hui said on being asked why she chose Zilliqa. “That’s what makes Zilliqa special and why I chose to join.”

NEO and Zilliqa – Working Together!

Weiyu Ju, the founder and CEO of the NEO Investment FUND called NEO Global Capital, spoke on CNBC’S South African Crypto Trader show about his plans to help build NEO expand its size and help contribute NEO ecosystem. Ju invests in projects that he believes lay out the bricks and blocks for the pioneering of the blockchain revolution.

Weiyu Ju went on to say how NEO Global Capital is looking at projects that could be instrumental in the future of technology and the infrastructure of future smart contract applications – projects that could potentially become a big part of the industry. With that said, NEO Global Capital publicly announced that they invested in Zilliqa. The sharding protocol currently based on ethereum can achieve one thousand transactions plus in just a second. According to certain experiments and simulations they could achieve more transactions per second linearly with the number of nodes involved in the network. Currently, most projects performance decreases when the number of nodes increases whereas Zilliqa does the opposite. The system does not compromise security as the throughput of the system is increased. This cosign by NEO’s foundation is a big deal that is receiving little attention – this will help Zilliqa reach its full potential.

Zilliqa’s highly anticipated blockchain technology platform challenges some of the biggest names in the global transaction throughput market. Focused on speed, Zilliqa uses the sharding algorithm in order to automatically split up a large network of machines that process transactions into parallel subcommittees called “shards.Dr. Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqa, explained that the concept of sharding has the potential to solve the scalability problem around the world of transactions. Zilliqa’s goal is to “at least hit the average throughput of VISA and MasterCard,” which is around 8,000 TX/s.

Zilliqa’a technology will have application use cases across a wide rand of industries: finance, digital advertising, e-commerce, etc. Not only is their service fast, but it is scalable.

Zilliqa Infographic Contest

In the beginning of the month, Zilliqa announced news of an Infographic Contest in which users will submit their project through a tweet. Xinshu Dog says that since the announcement of the Zilliqa Infographic Contest, he has already seen an increased interest in ZIL’s technology. Users who do this before March 25th can potentially win a number of great prizes. 

First prize: 1 winner

  • Round trip ticket to Singapore, in-person meeting and dinner with the Zilliqa team and 200,000 ZILs.
  • Second prize: 2 winners — 50,000 ZILs each.
  • Third prize: 5 winners — 15,000 ZILs each.
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