$1.87 Billion Credit Default Swaps Settlement Strengthens Need For Block Chain Transparency

Credit those who are trying to bring the transparency and security of the block chain to the chaotic financial markets. They recognize the need for a reliable mechanism to prevent the type of disaster visited upon the credit default swaps (CDS) market this past weekend. A cadre of financial institutions agreed in principle to a $1.87 billion settlement for allegedly conspiring to muzzle competition in the CDS market.

The complete story behind this record settlement could take years to unravel. U.S. and European regulators are still investigating. In the meantime, the growing chorus of block chain advocates in the financial community has further reason to question the status quo while the lawyers rake it in. CDSs, a market pegged at $16 trillion in late 2014, hedge against borrower default.

Did Banks Conspire Over Credit Default Swaps?

Several big banks reached an agreement with a group of investors who claim the banks – along with Markit Group Ltd., a market-information provider – conspired to control the CDS market, according to Bloomberg. They agreed to the $1.87 billion settlement despite having previously claimed there was no antitrust conspiracy. On the contrary, they claimed they supported proposals to increase competition in the

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