Thursday, November 26, 2020

Featured Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News

Featured Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News


BitConnect promoter faces a long prison sentence

A leader in the global crypto pyramid scheme BitConnect faces years in prison. A court ruling is expected in February 2021. John Bigatton, the former chief scammer of the Australian branch of the BitConnect pyramid...
Airbnb plans IPO

Airbnb plans IPO and suggests Bitcoin integration

The accommodation portal Airbnb is planning to go public and indicates a crypto integration in the IPO application. Hardly any other industry has as difficult to nibble at the pandemic as the tourism industry. Due...
Bitcoin miner

China’s bitcoin miners can no longer pay electricity bills

The Chinese government's ongoing aggressive behavior towards the Chinese crypto industry has resulted in Bitcoin miners now facing difficulties paying their electricity bills. According to a tweet published on November 16, 2020, 74 percent of...
Bitcoin Cash splits again

Bitcoin spin-off Bitcoin Cash splits again

The proposal to pay developers via a miner's fee first caused a dispute in the Bitcoin Cash community and has now caused a hard fork. With the Bitcoin spin-off Bitcoin Cash, another spin-off took place...

Featured Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News

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