Sunday, October 17, 2021

Featured Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News

Featured Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News

Blockwiz and Giottus Celebrate Year-Long Growth Partnership

Toronto, Canada, Oct 7, 2021: Giottus targets 5x growth in the coming year with Blockwiz. The partnership with Blockwiz has seen tremendous growth in social media and community for Giottus. Giottus is among the world's...

Ardadex Protocol Announce Public Launch and Token Sale to Early Adopters

Ardadex Protocol is an innovative platform on Cardano Blockchain that provides users with advanced AMM and NFT functionalities. Ardadex Protocol integrates both AMM and NFT services aggregated from the crypto space. Ardadex Protocol will power...

What is Staking? Taking a closer look at how staking works with PhoenixDAO

Most people think about using a centralised exchange to buy crypto when they’re ready to invest in crypto. Some who have technical expertise might even consider crypto mining as a way to dip their...

Solving the Woes of Ethereum Swap Fees: How ExpX is Revolutionizing Yield Farming in...

The total volume locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols recently touched a new high of $183.94 billion, reaffirming to the world that DeFi is here to stay. An idea that was thought to...


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