Monday, December 10, 2018

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Coinmarketbook – demand instead of market capitalization

The cryptocommunity has been criticizing market capitalization for a long time and thus also the website Coinmarketcap. To give a different view on prices, wants to rate cryptocurrencies differently. Market capitalization in the criticism Most...

Swiss Post enters Blockchain

In Switzerland, a new blockchain infrastructure is currently being created which, in the end, should also offer authorities more digital opportunities for data transfer. The new network mainly involves Swiss Post. Switzerland is one of...

Pump & Dump theory of the bigger fool

Who does not know that? On the crypto market, some shitcoin that no one on the screen had before suddenly goes through the ceiling for no apparent reason. As soon as you start to...

InnovaMinex: gold will be available to everyone!

InnovaMinex ICO has started last week. InnovaMinex promises to open the market for investing in precious metals and the mining industry for a wide range of companies and individuals. InnovaMinex has already launched in...


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Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork on Block 7.080.000

Ethereum's (ETH) core developers have agreed to activate the long-awaited Constantinople Hard Fork at block 7,080,000, as decided at yesterday's Developer Meetings. After months of...
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