Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Western Union is working with Blockchain service on the Remittances market

The Philippines is one of the most important markets for cash transfers abroad. Previously, customers always had to go to a WU branch. Now, however, the US provider is cooperating with a...

You Owe Me: Proof of concept Porsche allows parking by blockchain

The Swabian car manufacturer Porsche has tried Blockchain-based parking in a "proof of concept". The Porsche management sees the Blockchain as "the key technology of tomorrow". In the car...

Thomson Reuters: Patent for Identity Management Blockchain System

Mainstream media company Thomson Reuters has secured a patent for a blockchain-based identity management system, as evidenced by US Patent and Trademark Office documents released on April 2. The...

Now you can publish Press Releases into the Blockchain

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Blockchain Press Releases portal. We offer the first Blockchain Press Release Service and publish your Press Releases like carved...


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Fin Foundation Plans to Implement Token Payment on Gas Stations...

Bitcoin Press Release: Fin Foundation, a newly created company with South Korean roots, are aiming to take over the Russian and CIS gasoline market,...

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