Monday, March 18, 2019

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EC-Dollars DXCD: Central Bank of Barbados issues cryptocurrency

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) and Barbados-based fintech company Bitt Inc. (Bitt) have signed a contract to conduct a pilot project for the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the East Caribbean...

IOTA Car-Wallet refuel and pay automatically

Accessec GmbH, a security strategy company, launched an IOTA Tangle Wallet for Motor Vehicles on February 28th. The automatic refueling and payment should be so easy and safe. In addition, the integrated...

Fidelity Digital Assets launched for a group of eligible clients

Fidelity Digital Assets, a subsidiary of one of the largest asset managers in the world, Fidelity Investments, announced yesterday that its Bitcoin safekeeping service went live with "a select group of eligible...

Video Leak: Telegram’s TON for the first time in action

Finally, a leak has emerged to the future interface of Telegram. The video shows the known functions of Telegram Messengers and above all the use of the native crypto currency TON. The...


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Paul Brody: Bitcoin Has No Practical Use

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