21 Inc. Unveils Bitcoin-Optimized Business Computer

When is a computer not a computer? While 21 Inc.’s new computer doesn’t have keyboards, monitors, and a massive enclosed hard drive, it may have just taken Bitcoin to the next level with their new 21 Bitcoin Computer.

First Computer with Bitcoin as the Main Component

Ok, what’s so great about this new computer by 21 Inc.? Well, it works through whatever OS you have via USB. As a stand-alone Linux machine or connected to Linux, Mac, or Windows via USB, it is small, but versatile pocket-sized computer.

Most importantly, it is designed to be the first computer that is Bitcoin-optimized with native hardware and software support exclusively for the Bitcoin protocol. This means that business owners and developers can do business at the common line using Bitcoin, not built around PayPal or banking systems as a default.

“The technology is ultimately just a tool. Our long­ term goal is to return economic power to the individual,” says 21 Inc. CEO Balaji Srinivasan on his Medium post.

He continued:

“Specifically, we want to make it possible for you to turn your bright idea into passive income by selling Bitcoin­-payable goods, games, and services over the Internet through a 21 Bitcoin Computer.

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