A Bit of What You Fancy: How Adult Entertainment is Hooking Up with Bitcoin

The influx of new digital technology is drastically changing how users seek entertainment – and how they pay for it, a trend which shows no sign of slowing.

Over the past 15 years the internet has increased ease of paying for entertainment services and allowed for diversification of subscriptions catering to users’ needs. In 2015, however, a further shift is underway in customer habits, one in which Bitcoin is already carving a niche.

Each to their own

While previously it was the norm that professional TV and online entertainment services were paid for in bulk via a subscription, new research suggests the ability to pick and choose not only individual services but individual sessions, paying only for the exact material required, is what the consumer will be demanding in future.

A survey by Irdeto released to coincide with the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last January found that young adults in the US and UK are expecting to use internet-based services for the majority of their entertainment over the next five years. Changing are habits of using pay TV bundles; now, it is ‘a la carte’ internet streaming using smart devices which is becoming the standard.

According to Irdeto, 27%

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