A Bizarre $600K Bitcoin Giveaway Is Most Likely a Twisted Fake Lottery

Just days after Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange Bitfinex was allegedly hacked and lost $65 million worth of customer funds, a Reddit user claiming to be the hacker is running a twisted lottery that has thousands of people lining up to get some of the action.

The user, who goes by “rekcahxfb”—that’s “bfx hacker” backwards—claims that they will give away 1,000 bitcoins to one lucky person next Wednesday. As of today’s bitcoin prices, that amounts to $575,520. That could be a “life changing amount of money, as one user put it. For people who lost money in the Bitfinex hack, it could be a lifeline.

A Reddit post by rekcahxfb has racked up more than 4,000 comments from people sharing their public bitcoin addresses, and a thread on the BitcoinTalk forum runs over 170 pages long. One commenter implored: “Please be my Robin Hood.”

The prize coins are real, and rekcahxfb controls them. Rekcahxfb posted a message and cryptographic signature to go along with the bitcoin address in their post, and when checked against each other with a tool to verify bitcoin signatures, they returned a green “verified” notification. There’s just one problem: the coins that rekxahxfb plans

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