A Bizarre $600K Bitcoin Giveaway Is Most Likely a Twisted Fake Lottery

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Just days after Hong Kong-based bitcoin sell Bitfinex was allegedly hacked and mislaid $65 million value of patron funds, a Reddit user claiming to be a hacker is using a disfigured lottery that has thousands of people backing adult to get some of a action.

The user, who goes by “rekcahxfb”—that’s “bfx hacker” backwards—claims that they will give divided 1,000 bitcoins to one propitious chairman subsequent Wednesday. As of today’s bitcoin prices, that amounts to $575,520. That could be a “life changing volume of money, as one user put it. For people who mislaid income in a Bitfinex hack, it could be a lifeline.

A Reddit post by rekcahxfb has racked adult some-more than 4,000 comments from people pity their open bitcoin addresses, and a thread on a BitcoinTalk forum runs over 170 pages long. One commenter implored: “Please be my Robin Hood.”

The esteem coins are real, and rekcahxfb controls them. Rekcahxfb posted a summary and cryptographic signature to go along with the bitcoin residence in their post, and when checked opposite any other with a apparatus to determine bitcoin signatures, they returned a immature “verified” notification. There’s only one problem: a coins that rekxahxfb plans

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