A transaction server that not requires faith?

Stash from Texas demoted the server to a notary. The combination of Bitcoin and Open Transactions will allow any number of transactions, without requiring the user to trust someone. Is the solution to the problem thus blocksize in sight?

Transactions are secure, and partly slow and, above all, not scaled. Because the decentralized Bitcoin network, each node stores the entire database of all previous transactions. If this is too large, it brings the node to the limit of their capacity. Many users are therefore forced to use Transaction Server, which make a larger amount of transactions in their own databases faster: exchanges, service for offchain transactions and more. However, this confidence returns through the back door again – and with it the breaking of trust.

Ideal would be a model that as scalable as a transaction server – but neither dependent on confidence as the Bitcoin. Would it be possible? Yes, says Chris Odom. Odom has launched with Cliff Baltzley, the founder of Hushmail, Stash into life in Texas: the first platform that applies the Open Transactions protocol. They promises to bring the scalability of a transaction server with an essential characteristic of Bitcoins in harmony. Stash should be scalable

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