ACINQ’s First Step Toward Lightning Network for Bitcoin

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flare-algorithm-for-lightning-network-successfully-testedFlare, Bitfury’s algorithm for payment routing on the Lightning Network, has completed its first test and trial run with flying colors. Courtesy of ACINQ, a French startup offering products and services for the Bitcoin ecosystem, who tested the routing algorithm with 2,500 Amazon Web Services nodes and found that the Flare algorithm was able to find a route in half a second with an 80 percent success rate.

The Lightning Network has been touted as a major implementation required to handle scaling of Bitcoin, in particular for increasing amounts of microtransactions. The time required to wait for one confirmation is simply too slow for everyday purchases, and accepting zero confirmation transactions requires trust and opens up vulnerabilities to “double-spend” attacks.

The only problem with the Lightning Network is there is no clear method on how to find

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