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Web browser developer Brave Software has a new arms in a arsenal opposite third-party advertisements.

While a Brave browser has been automatically restraint ads that aim users formed on their browsing habits given progressing this year, a beta chronicle of Brave Payments, launched today, is a latest pierce to allege a disruptive business indication designed to give users control over their web knowledge – and a information it creates.

Brave owner and CEO Brendan Eich told CoinDesk how a startup’s record can be used to give users a energy to prerogative websites with calm they suffer and practices they determine with.

Eich said:

“You can start appropriation a user wallet that’s compared with your unknown temperament with Brave, and automatically micro-pay your tip sites.”

To get started, users can possibly top-up their existent bitcoin wallet, or emanate one regulating an formation with Coinbase. Users then set a monthly volume they wish to spend, and a browser automatically calculates how to sunder a income to a comparison websites formed on page impressions.

Using a toggle underline informed to Apple owners, a interface afterwards lets users name if they don’t wish to compensate some of their most-visited

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