African charity praises anonymous donor for giving 38 bitcoins worth …

Despite having to combat unsavoury links with nefarious drug dealing websites and allegations of terrorist financing, the anonymous cryptocurrency Bitcoin has finally found a redeeming cause — helping to fund humanitarian aid projects.

One tech savvy charity based in Africa — The Water Project — has revealed how an anonymous donor transferred 38 Bitcoins, equivalent to $23,000, to support one of its causes. The money, the charity said, was the largest it has ever received and will now be used to help fund sanitation projects for the next few years.

In a statement posted to Reddit on 13 September, The Water Project expressed its gratitude: “We don’t know who you are, but we’re grateful.

“So just in case you hang out here, we want to say thanks! Today you gave enough BTC — totally anonymously — to provide clean, safe water and sanitation facilities to an entire school and for the monitoring and repair funds to keep it working for years to come.”

After the mysterious donor sent the 38 bitcoins over two transactions, the charity said it will now identify an exact site

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