Altcoin ‘Syscoin’ Prepping release of iOS Wallet

sys_app_smallFollowing on from the removal of bitcoin related iOS apps back in 2014, Apple seems more open to applications being released on the App store via Bitcoin Altcoin developers.

Teams are increasingly developers are releasing wallets cryptocurrency iOS Applications, just like the Hive app dubbed as the  ‘human-friendly Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet’, and more recently Coinbase’s iOS Offering.

It now seems that Cryptocurrency Syscoin is planning on releasing it’s own version of a wallet with Send and Receive facility for your Syscoin as announced by this reddit post, speaking with one of Syscoins lead team members Dan Wasyluk:

Dan Wasyluk, Team Manager  Coder

Dan Wasyluk

“The Syscoin mobile wallet puts the SYS ecosystem at your finger tips enabling a whole new level of access to SYS while on the go.! This is just the start, soon you’ll be able to access the entire marketplace through the mobile app!” – Dan Wasyluk, Team Manager Development Coder



Syscoin is somewhat of a key Cryptocurrencies in the swell of Altcoins released in the past few years, released more or less exactly a year ago Syscoin focuses on it’s ability for the users to buy, sell and list directly on it’s blockchain, the use of an Alias within the wallet instead of using the longwinded general wallet address. Not to mention the ability to merge mine with Syscoin.

Syscoin iOS App

Syscoin iOS App

For more information on the development of Syscoin you can follow the blog or the official community slack channel by requesting an invite via .


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