Amazon: iPayYou now also allows purchases with Bitcoin

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The Seattle-based startup association iPayYou is now operative with Amazon. Geekwire has reported on this. In a future, it will be probable to make purchases on Amazon around a American Bitcoin remuneration platform. Firstly, however, this underline is still singular to a US American side of Amazon.

The association iPayYou announced this week a new underline called “Amazon Direct”. This allows business to use income from any bit of BitCoins for purchases on Amazon. Only in July, a start-up supposing a identical use for comment owners of a use Twitter. Everyone could accept and send payments with Bitcoin but giving private information. In a video a formation of a remuneration provider into a complement of a tradesman is shown.

Currently, this is a usually approach to compensate articles directly on Amazon with Bitcoin. This is emphasized by a CEO of iPayYou, Gene Kavner. This was before a association first final year among other things during Amazon and Microsoft active. The site also sells present vouchers for some sites, including a Apple Store, Starbucks and Amazon. It is also probable to buy a coupons with Bitcoin before, a CEO pronounced in a conversation.

The startup association iPayYou consists of usually 5 people, all of

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