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Roughly dual weeks ago, ViaBTC, a comparatively new bitcoin mining pool that launched progressing this summer, garnered some courtesy on amicable media due to a announcement that they’re now contrast Bitcoin Unlimited, that is a program customer that allows users to vigilance support for hard fork prompted changes to Bitcoin’s retard distance limit.

Although a mining pool was usually launched this summer, it has already gained adequate crush rate to turn a fifth largest pool. Bitcoin Magazine recently reached out to ViaBTC CEO and owner Haiyang to find out some-more about this comparatively different actor in a bitcoin mining space.

Who is ViaBTC?

The story of ViaBTC has been described in a post on a mining pool’s Medium blog. To summarize, Haiyang left Tencent to start a mining pool and found an financier to assistance with a plan on Chinese-language Bitcoin forum 8btc.

According to Haiyang, ViaBTC’s early financier resources comment for a vast apportionment of a mining pool’s crush rate. “ViaBTC mining pool had an financier during a early stage, who supposing us with a startup collateral and crush rate, though didn’t take partial in the

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