And Nobel Economics Prize goes to… Bitcoin founder?

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Bitcoin’s reserved contriver Satoshi Nakamoto was selected by financial highbrow from UCLA and University of Chicago Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry. He was asked by a Nobel Prize cabinet to commission someone for a prize, and explained his choice to a Huffington Post.

“I can hardly consider of another creation in economics and financial in a final several decades whose change surpasses a gratification increases that will be engendered by Satoshi Nakamoto’s brilliant, path-breaking invention. That is because we am nominating him for a Nobel Prize in Economics.”

The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was determined by a Swedish executive bank, Sveriges Riksbank, in memory of Nobel Prize owner Alfred Nobel. It has been awarded by a Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences given 1969.

The invention of a bitcoin is zero brief of revolutionary, according to Chowdhry. The digital banking offers many advantages over both earthy and paper money, he said, adding that bitcoin had spawned innovations in a financial record zone given financial contracts could be digitized, stored, accurate and eliminated instantaneously.

“It is secure, relying on roughly unbreakable cryptographic code, can be divided into millions of smaller sub-units, and can be eliminated firmly and scarcely instantly from one chairman to any other chairman in

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