Assailants Can Bypass Kraken 2FA Protection on Withdrawals

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An interesting discovery was made by a cryptocurrency enthusiasts not too long ago. Most Bitcoin exchange platforms use two-factor authentication as an “extra line of defense”. However, not all of these implementations are safe from bypassing. One person mentioned how Kraken’s 2FA security would protect the login credentials, but it can be bypassed for withdrawals.

Keeping information and funds secure are the two primary objectives of any financial platform in the world, including cryptocurrency exchanges. This is why nearly every platform has added two-factor authentication. Even if somebody’s login and password would be stolen, assailants will not be able to gain access to their account. That is unless they control the device used for 2FA purposes as well.

Bypassing Kraken Withdrawal 2FA Verification

Kraken, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has implemented 2FA countermeasures quite some time ago. Not just for the login system, but also for any withdrawal requests made by users. Unlike other companies, Kraken uses a 2FA method that forces users to generate new codes manually, rather than having them refresh automatically.

But as it turns out, that measure may not be sufficient to keep user funds safe from

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