AUG 20 DIGEST: Bank of England Says Digital Currency is ‘Harder Money’ than Gold; Nigeria’s Bank Calls for Bitcoin Regulation

Bank of England has described digital currencies as ‘harder money’ than a gold standard; Nigeria’s Central Bank is calling for bitcoin regulation and more top stories for August 20.

Bank of England: Digital currencies are ‘harder money’ than a gold standard

A report by the Bank of England has described bitcoin as harder money than gold standard. The report was published on August 19, 2015 under the title of Chief Economists Workshop.

Part of the report reads:

“In the near future the financial system could be supporting billions of new users – possibly double the current size”

Bitnet PAY.ON Deal Brings Bitcoin to Over 100 Payment Service Providers

Bitnet and PAY.ON have announced a partnership allowing PAY.ON’s entire customer base, which includes over 100 PSPs and 56,000 merchants, to accept bitcoin on its platform.

Bitnet is an enterprise scale digital commerce platform while PAY.ON is a financial institution which offers white label payment gateway solutions for payment service providers.


“Thanks to the Bitnet partnership, PAY.ON’s PSP clients will be able to offer bitcoin payments without exposing their merchants to the risk of fraudulent transactions or volatility in the price of bitcoin.”

Bitnet  PAY.ON Deal Brings Bitcoin to Over 100 Payment Service ProvidersRead more ... source: Cointelegraph