Australian AML Act Revisions Mention Bitcoin Exchanges and Wallets

Several days ago, there was an announcement regarding impending changes to the AML Act in Australia, which would create a better ecosystem for cryptocurrency innovation. Several recommendations have been made by the Australian AG, which gives a strong indication as to where this regulation is headed.

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Revising the Australian AML Act for Cryptocurrency

Some people may argue how Bitcoin wallet services are already covered under the AML Act, considering they are labelled as “accounts:, similar to services provided by a bank or credit union. However, the revisions of the AML Act will go much further than that, as new types of digital wallets storing cryptocurrencies are not regulated as of yet.

Additionally, there is a proposal to broaden the definition of “e-currency” to include convertible cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This does not mean digital currencies backed by physical commodities – such as bullion or the AUD – fall into this same category, as the revision is only for those currencies not backed by “tangible assets”.

Expanding this particular regulation will have an effect on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which will effectively become regulated

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