Australian Startup Get Paid in Bitcoin Receives Award Nomination

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It is always good to see Bitcoin companies gaining a approval they deserve. Get Paid in Bitcoin is an Australian association focusing a courtesy on income services. The association has been nominated for an Innovative Startup Award, and voting is now underway. Although this is not a many prestigious of events, it is still a certain pointer for cryptocurrency in Australia.

The conditions of Bitcoin in Australia has been a bit of a churned bag so far. While Australia is one of a few countries in a universe actively fatiguing Bitcoin right now, there is still a lot of creation going on. Get Paid in Bitcoin is a primary instance of this concentration on cryptocurrency, as they yield income services to customers.

Get Paid in Bitcoin is On The Radar

At a same time, there are utterly a few banks who are not peaceful to work with Bitcoin startups so far. This conditions is identical to a lot of other countries around a world. That being said, not all companies exploring a Bitcoin space are hindered by this disastrous attitude. While really few people will have listened of GPIB so far, a association is doing utterly well.

Bitcoin is still

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