Australian Startup Get Paid in Bitcoin Receives Award Nomination


It is always good to see Bitcoin companies gaining the recognition they deserve. Get Paid in Bitcoin is an Australian company focusing its attention on salary services. The company has been nominated for an Innovative Startup Award, and voting is currently underway. Although this is not the most prestigious of events, it is still a positive sign for cryptocurrency in Australia.

The situation of Bitcoin in Australia has been a bit of a mixed bag so far. While Australia is one of the few countries in the world actively taxing Bitcoin right now, there is still a lot of innovation going on. Get Paid in Bitcoin is a prime example of this focus on cryptocurrency, as they provide salary services to customers.

Get Paid in Bitcoin is On The Radar

At the same time, there are quite a few banks who are not willing to work with Bitcoin startups so far. This situation is similar to a lot of other countries around the world. That being said, not all companies exploring the Bitcoin space are hindered by this negative attitude. While very few people will have heard of GPIB so far, the company is doing quite well.

Bitcoin is still in the very early stages. Despite being around for seven years now, it is still in its “pubertal” stages. Volatility will occur now and then, and the market is still small as far as liquidity is concerned. Not all consumers in the world see the point of Bitcoin either, but it is only a matter of time until that perception shifts.

The service provided by Get Paid In Bitcoin is similar to what Bitwage has to offer. Clients can have a percentage of their salary paid in Bitcoin. With no more need to complete fiat-to-Bitcoin exchanges manually, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have taken a liking to their service. Moreover, the company only charges AUD$1 per deposit, which is very cheap.

It may seem rather strange to see such an unknown company receive an award nomination. Get Paid In Bitcoin gained a lot of prestige through a Smart Cities Project in Tasmania. Moving consumers and enterprises into the 21st century will be quite a challenge. The involvement of Bitcoin will play a fundamental role in the process, albeit it may be in a much smaller fashion than most people anticipate.

Voting for this particular Innovative Tasmania Award 2016 can be done through the website. Eligible votes can be cast until September 30th. Award winners will be announced at the Bofa Film Festival, which runs from November 10-13 in Launceston.

Source: Bofa

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