Australians Can Now Send Bitcoin Directly to Their Bank Accounts or Anyone Else’s

A new service by Living Room of Satoshi allows Australians to send BTC funds direct to a bank account in a single transaction. The move allows digital currency users to directly pay individuals outside of the bitcoin loop, extending the potential reach of cryptocurrency.

Working on the same platform as the Australian company’s national bill-paying offering, the new “Pay Anyone” function, launched on June 14, applies the same service to individual’s personal bank accounts.

Users can enter the details of the receiving account and the amount, and then send Living Room of Satoshi the requested BTC amount to initiate the transfer essentially removing the problems of on/off ramps between the Bitcoin and fiat ecosystems. This means Australians can use digital currency for a greater range of day-to-day activities, such as sending a payment directly to a friend who doesn’t even have to be aware of digital currencies.

The bill payments company recently won a national award for “Best New Startup” at the StartUp Smart event. Describing the bill payment market that the company has so far targeted, CEO Daniel Alexiuc said:

“When I announced in my acceptance speech that our

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