Banking giants who supports bitcoin technology

Since a pregnancy six years ago, bitcoin and a primogenitor technology-blockchain have enjoyed preference among many attention players via a world. However, one of a biggest opponents has been normal financial institutions who have noticed it as a threat. Despite this, many of their new actions prove a changing attitude; potentially fueled by a advantages that blockchain has over their sealed databases. Here we discuss 8 of a largest banks that have shown seductiveness in a tech.

BNP Paribas


Reports suggest that a French banking hulk has in new months been creation moves that find to take full advantage of a blockchain technology. This has been reinforced by a new research by one of a analysts indicating that a record has a intensity of not usually disrupting though also improving tellurian trading.

Société Générale

Société Générale is also referred as SocGen and it is France’s third largest bank by item base. It has done some clever indications that blockchain tech is partial of a expansion plan. It posted a pursuit advert progressing this month seeking to sinecure an IT developer with a concentration on bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. This advert shows that a bank is looking

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