Biometric Security Growing : 20% Smartphones Unlocked With Fingerprint

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A recent study conducted by Deloitte highlights the usage of biometric security in the UK’s smartphone users.

In Deloitte’s sixth annual There’s no place like phone study, numerous notable digital trends and growths were unveiled.

Although 81% of the population have smartphones, only 27% have digital fingerprint sensors, of which 76% are used.

Smartphone usage had been rapidly expanding over the past nine years when the first full touchscreen smartphone was launched. Deloitte expects the rate of smartphone adoption to peak as the target market has been effectively saturated. The study, however, shows that even during a plateau of smartphone implementation, the way phones are being used is changing.

For instance, 31% of smartphone users make no voice calls during any given week. In 2015, only 25% made no voice calls. This contrasts with nearly every smartphone user making weekly phone calls in 2012.

Smartphone security is drastically changing though, despite many phone features being used less frequently. PIN codes (and passwords) still dominate the mobile security sector by a fairly significant margin. The most common smartphone unlocking method reported by users was the PIN code at 63%. Touch ID and similar fingerprint sensor mechanisms are the next most commonly used method at

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