Bitbank Crowdfunds New Xinjiang Mining Facility

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The secret mining facility the publication BBC reported on in China featured Chandler Guo, a representative for Bitbank. The Shenzhen-based company wants to crowdfund the construction of its next mining operation. Bitbank is looking to raise 3500 BTC to build its new mining factory that will deploy low energy RD to ensure that the mining profits.

bitbankChandler Guo was recently interviewed by Journalist and Photographer Danny Vincent and has recently received worldwide media attention. The crew visited one of six mining facilities in the Chinese region and met the employees who lived at the factory maintaining mining operations. Now Bitbank wants to add another mining farm to its portfolio that will be “equipped with the world’s only 14nm miners.” After the company raises the funds the Xinjiang mining facility which will produce around 30 petahash of hashing power.

Bitbank states that the principal of investors who participate in the funding will receive 100% ROI plus interest. The staff, the company says works around the clock 24 hours a day maintaining the mining facility. Technicians have prepared the layout and are arranging hundred of miles of cable.

The company says

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