Bitcoin: A Significantly Investable Asset

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Written by: Christopher Burniske, ARK Analyst

ARK Invest and Coinbase define investability  as providing ample liquidity and opportunity to invest. Globally, bitcoin exchange trading volumes are a good measure of the liquidity available to investors. As shown in the graph below, these volumes have been increasing steadily, reaching roughly $1 billion per day through the first quarter of 2016.


However, the graph above suffers a shortcoming as trading activity is self-reported by exchanges and not validated by third parties. If we were to look only at bitcoin traded as a cross with the US dollar, euro and British pound-the assumption being that businesses are monitored more closely when handling these currencies-the picture is starkly different.

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Daily trades made in these three currencies have been ranging between $10 to $100 million since early 2014, as shown in the graph below. For 2016, this comparison puts these three currencies at between 2-10% of global bitcoin trading volume.


As a percentage of reported bitcoin volume traded, the Chinese yuan took significant share during the explosive November 2013 price rally, and has continued to dominate (see graph below). Although over-the-counter (OTC) trading is still a small percentage of total volume generation, and not included in these graphs, itBit’s Asian OTC volume soared 300% month-over-month in March 2016.

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