Bitcoin Alternative NXT Announces Upcoming Release of NXT Version 1.5: The Complete Toolkit For Business


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With arriving recover of Nxt program chronicle 1.5 – that will embody voting functionality, ability to use extended multisig comment control, and softened information storage and send capabilities – Nxt has reached a new miracle as a subsequent era blockchain platform.

From a pregnancy in late 2013 Nxt has been designed to be a multipurpose toolkit, to be used possibly directly from a NRS customer program or to be incorporated into third celebration applications.

With comment permission around a emanate of secure tokens, extended information send and storage (with a ability to mislay information when required), voting, multisignature exchange and much, most more, Nxt has now grown into a mature and finish subsequent era blockchain complement for business use.

Nxt Modularity

Nxt is designed and built to be a modular system. It facilities several opposite transaction types, that can be used on their possess or in combination. The stream underline set, after a chronicle 1.5 doing of Voting and Phasing (enhanced multisig/account control) will include:

  • Send Transactions (sending a NXT banking or tokens to accounts
  • Data Transactions (send and store adult to

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