Bitcoin and Fibonacci Spirals

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Today was a muted day for both ethereum and for Bitcoin.  Each of a several cryptocoins we follow had such a tedious day.  This leaves me in a bit of a pickle, since all we can unequivocally write is:  “Read yesterday’s column.  Nothing has unequivocally changed.”   This is not a arrange of mainstay expected to hoard most interest.

I will uncover a updated charts for reference, and afterwards we will take a journey down a trail we have not looked before. Let’s start with bitcoin’s daily chart:

1123a1123aAs we can see, pricetime is operative it’s approach by a 3rd arc pair.  It is creation progress, though if it continues relocating laterally it will not transparent a arc span for another week.

Next is Ethereum’s daily chart:

1123b1123bHere we have drawn a pitchfork on a Aug 2015 low, a Jun 2016 high, and Aug

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