Bitcoin Babe: I Help ‘Swirl up Curiosity about Bitcoin, Not Sexuality!’

Michaela Juric is an Australian female Bitcoin enthusiast who most people know better as the “Bitcoin Babe.” She uses her beauty through photography to spread awareness about cryptocurrency. She has also been a Bitcoin trader since July 2014.

CoinTelegraph spoke to Bitcoin Babe about her achievements, dreams and her views on women in the Bitcoin community.

CoinTelegraph: Where does your story with Bitcoin begin?

Bitcoin Babe: I first heard about Bitcoin when a report came up on a mainstream news program here in Australia, talking about the Silk Road. I’ve always been a savvy technology girl ever since I was a kid, so I was curious as to how I missed a whole new world going on on the internet. I started doing some reading and research, and sure enough that is where I found Bitcoin. I became more fascinated with the concept of digital currency and so I bought my first four bitcoins for $50 each back in July 2013.

“It’s all fine and well to call yourself the Bitcoin Babe, but anyone could hold that title. […] I could be a greased up fat man in his parents’ basement just pretending to be a girl.”

CT: How did you come

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