Bitcoin Becomes More Appealing To Mainstream Investors

As it turns out, some people strongly feel Bitcoin is an asset well worth investing in. That is, once takes all of the different opportunities and risks into account. Both consumers and big investors can find a certain appeal in Bitcoin; that much is certain.

Investing in Bitcoin Is A Good Idea But With Risks

When investing in Bitcoin, it is important to see the bigger picture. Despite its limited coin supply, the average Bitcoin holder will not own over 100 coins. That is, unless they were an early adaptor, or bought a nice supply of coins many years ago. Bigger investors, however, will most likely hold several dozens – if not several hundreds – of Bitcoin at any given time.

To accommodate their needs, Bitcoin exchange platforms need to provide ample liquidity. Over the years, Bitcoin liquidity has been solid and even increased throughout the years. Looking over the global trading volume, there is upward momentum throughout the years. If cryptocurrency is destined to ever go mainstream, we will need even more volume, though.

That being said, the average investor has other ways of spending money on Bitcoin as well Several Read more ... source: TheBitcoinNews

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