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Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 Released: What’s New?

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Today outlines a central recover of Bitcoin Core 0.12.0, a twelfth era of Bitcoin’s anxiety customer as initial launched by Satoshi Nakamoto 7 years ago. Developed by tighten to 100 contributors over 7 months, a latest chronicle of Bitcoin Core includes some-more than 20 improvements, quite per performance, confidence and usability.

These are a sixth many important changes.

Memory Pool Limiting

Memory pools are a collections of unconfirmed exchange as stored away by all full nodes. Memory pools fill adult in between blocks as new exchange are transmitted over a Bitcoin network and are depleted when these exchange are enclosed in blocks. But if a array of successive blocks sojourn full for an extended duration – possibly due to legitimate exchange or spam attacks – memory pools competence not exhaust completely, and backlogs could build up. With no extent limit, a reserve competence even grow to a indicate where nodes run out of memory and crash. (This is a “crash landing” unfolding former Bitcoin XT lead developer Mike Hearn feared.)

Memory pool limiting, as a name suggests, enforces a tough extent on a extent distance of memory pools to forestall this scenario. If a extent is reached, nodes reject or clear

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