Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin XT: Cryptocurrency’s Future Is Seen to Be in Jeopardy

Bitcoin community has recently found itself at the cross-roads. Stumbling block is recent launch of Bitcoin XT. Bitcoin followers seem to choose one side now: either traditional Bitcoin Core, invented and successfully released by Satoshi Nakamoto, or its slightly-modified version Bitcoin XT.

Satoshi gave people what they wanted – a possibility to make transactions with each other via blockchain, a ledge that overstepped the limits of bitcoin business long ago. He presented his plan about digital currency that can change the way we see financial system several years ago and this plan did change lives of many people.

The whole society appeared ready to follow. New companies have been started, more and more people have got involved. Satoshi’s vision seemed to satisfy everyone. The situation changed on August 15, when a full release of Bitcoin XT became available.

It was quite natural to expect some changes in bitcoin plan. Everything is moving forward and it’s necessary to keep up with pace of time to remain up-to-date. The changes is something that arises questions.

So those uncomfortable with Satoshi’s ideas offer improvements that are hardly to faithful bitcoin followers’ taste – networks of payment routing hubs, sharp rises in fees, ending support for mobile

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