Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency sell ShapeShift offline following hack, association rebuilding platform

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sell use ShapeShift AG is offline following a crack of a use Apr 7.

The full sum of how a crack occurred are not accessible however Chief Executive Officer Eric Voorhees took to Reddit to explain that while a use had been hacked, no patron supports were stolen, however, an vague volume was taken from ShapeShift’s possess prohibited wallet.

“Yesterday afternoon, we beheld several pieces of justification indicating a server infrastructure was compromised and threatened,” Voorhees wrote. “We done a preference to throw that infrastructure, and reconstruct in a unconditionally new and protected environment. This is what we are now intent in. While we hatred carrying a use offline, it was a safer path.”

Safe by design

ShapeShift itself works as a height that allows users to sell Bitcoin and other cyrptocurrencies directly, so during no theatre does ShapeShift itself reason onto funds, definition that even here where a association was hacked directly, there was nothing, aside from a company’s possess funds, for a hacker to steal.

“We’ve built patron insurance into a height – hacks might be inevitable, though patron waste should not be,” Voorhees added. “Not a cent of patron funds

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