Bitcoin Engineering Course at Stanford University Introduces Hands-on Approach …

Dr. Balaji Srinivasan and Dr. Dan Boneh started their new course, “Bitcoin Engineering” at Stanford University on Monday, January 4th.

The class is a companion to Stanford’s previous Bitcoin-related course, “Crypto Currencies, the Blockchain, and Smart Contracts.” About 85 percent of this quarter’s class will feature new material.

The class gives you a sense of what Bitcoin can do. It’s not Bitcoin as a financial instrument, not about buy low/sell high. It’s about Bitcoin as a protocol.” —Balaji Srinivasan

The two courses differ in that the previous class focused on Bitcoin as a technology (or Bitcoin theory), while this quarter’s class will teach students how to write Bitcoin-powered versions of popular Internet services.

“You will learn by doing,” said Srinivasan on the first day of class.

The course is structured around a weekly hackathon. At the beginning of each week students will receive stub code demonstrating the basic mechanics of a Bitcoin-powered Internet service. The students will then have the rest of the week to improve their version of the code before submitting it for

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