Bitcoin ETFs For Dummies

Spencer Bogart is vice president of equity research for Needham Co. He joined the firm in 2014 and currently leads the research efforts on blockchain technology and bitcoin while supporting research on cloud software (SaaS) companies. recently sat down with Bogart, a former analyst, to get his take on all the important developments in the bitcoin market ahead of the key SEC decision on the Winklevoss ETF, expected within the next month. Before we jump into more specifics, in a nutshell, how would you describe what bitcoin is to the layperson?

Bogart: Bitcoin is peer-to-peer digital cash that’s not issued by any central authority. Tell us about the highly anticipated decision that’s coming from the SEC. What is it ruling on and what are the odds the ruling will be positive?
There’s a number of bitcoin ETFs that are going through the regulatory approval process. The one that’s been going through the process the longest is the Winklevoss bitcoin ETF [Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust (COIN)]. That’s been going on for about 3 1/2, four years now.

The exchange they would like to list that particular ETF on―which in this case is Bats [owner of]―has filed

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