Bitcoin ETFs May Not Be The Best Investment Vehicles

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Over the past year or so, there has been an increased focus on Bitcoin ETFs. The primary purpose of these trading instruments is to make cryptocurrency more accessible for traders. So far, these offerings have seen some moderate success. But are ETFs the next wave of disruption to hit financial markets around the globe?

To put things into perspective, the traditional ETF market is worth US$3tn. That is quite a significant amount during these times of financial uncertainty. ETFs are quickly becoming a mainstream trend for investors to diversify their existing portfolio. At the same time, they also create more risks for investors.

Granted, it has become a lot more difficult to make a profit as an investor these days. Funding startups or buying on the stock market are still popular. But ETFs are slowly making their way up the ranks, despite the risk factor. These tax-efficient investment vehicles are an efficient way to make investors feel “smart”. To be more precise, these investment vehicles often cut out the middle man, or in this case, the financial professional.

Don’t Get Involved In ETFs Without Doing Research

Despite this exhilarating feeling investors may get, there are plenty of ETF risks to

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