Bitcoin Experts Convene in Bretton Woods to Discuss Cryptocurrency’s Future

A group of bitcoin experts will be convening in Bretton Woods to discuss current cryptocurrency trends and where it might be in the future. Among this panel are Victoria van Eyk, ChangeTip’s vice president of community development, Jinyoung Lee Englund from the Digital Currency Council, and Michael Casey, senior adviser at the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT Media Lab.

The group will spend three days in discussions to come up with a document that explains what bitcoin is, what parts of the economy it could potentially change, and what the roadblocks to that change could be.

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Future of Bitcoin

While the price of bitcoin has consolidated between $250-300 in the past weeks, many believe that the cryptocurrency has the potential to go beyond just a simple store of value or a facility for transferring funds. Some say that it’s underlying technology, which is the blockchain, holds the key for disrupting various industries such as banking and finance.

The group also aims to write a paper that would be broad enough to appeal to both policy makers and regulators, the business community, the bitcoin community, and even the general

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