Bitcoin Financing Terrorism? Activist Group Says It’s Uncovered $3 Million

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Digital anti-terrorism activists Ghost Security Group claims to have unclosed several Bitcoin residence being used by ISIS, with one comment containing as most as $3 million in U.S. dollars.

Since cryptocurrency started gaining recognition there’s been concerns it could compensate for something some-more sinister than bad MDMA on a dim web. In 2014, a blog compared with ISIS wrote how a ”global jihad” could be saved by Bitcoin, and indeed that now seems to be a group’s digital income of choice.

An unknown member of Ghost Security Group reliable to Bitcoin News Service NewsBTC that a organisation has been tracking supports on a low web and operative to close them down.

In an email sell a member writes:

The Islamic State does use cryptocurrencies as a form of income to account their ongoing operations and we have managed to expose several Bitcoin addresses used by them. One of a accounts we analyzed was found to enclose 3 million U.S. dollars value of Bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency isn’t but the drawbacks. Its value is unpredictable, as it grows increasingly common so will methods to lane it. Like any currency, there’s a hazard of it being stolen, and it can be formidable to

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