Bitcoin for Tourists: A Perfect Match

IBISWorld — a market research organization recently conducted a research that showed that the annual estimated worth of global tourism market to be around $1 trillion dollars. Tourism is a huge industry that can be easily dominated by bitcoin, mainly due to its benefits as a universal currency, not subject to forex and other charges. In addition, the fact that bitcoin transactions across borders are nearly instantaneous and inexpensive works in its favor as well.

Even though, bitcoin has not caught up with tourists yet, the day is not far when travelers will prefer using bitcoin instead of travelers checks while travelling. Felix Weis, a 27-year-old programmer from Luxembourg, a small European country has already proven that one can easily manage to travel across the world with just bitcoins. Felix Weis has been on a journey across the world, funded only with bitcoin. He does not carry fiat currency with him maybe except for some spare change left from fiat currency he received after exchanging bitcoin. According to Felix Weis, there were few instances where he had to exchange bitcoin for fiat to pay in places where they refused to accept bitcoin (few rare cases). He has documented the

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