Bitcoin goes to the movies

Buy your movie tickets from with bitcoin, according to Coin Desk yesterday. Payment processor GoCoin and credit card processing services provided by MovieTickets will be able to accept payment with Bitcoin.

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The process to buy a movie ticket on GoCoin is simple and easy. You enter your purchase but when you choose payment selection, Bitcoin is listed as the payment entry and your private information is protected. No longer will you need to release your personal information held in a credit card. Bitcoin provides anonymity since payment from your Bitcoin wallet provides only the amount of the payment.

The press release from Open Road Films acquired the distribution rights to the indie comedy-drama film, Dope, and partnered with and GoCoin to accept payment with Bitcoin. Use of Bitcoin will be offered at 900 of the 2000 theatres where the film will open June 19. Ticket purchase began June 15.

Open Roads chief marketing office, Jason Cassidy, sees the union of this film and Bitcoin as “fresh,

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