Bitcoin Has a Political Problem as Soft Fork Becomes Popularity Contest

Like the recent US election, tensions within the Bitcoin Community have run high for the better parts of 2015 and 2016 as a rather-minor code change (known as the ‘block size debate’) has become a political race for competing factions, some of which have non-developers as spokespeople pushing an alternative to Bitcoin’s core client, Bitcoin Core.

In the past for the Bitcoin Core team, soft forks have not prevented much of an obstacle, but not the block size. It bewilders some among the Core team, how devs with such little experience have commanded such a share of dialogue despite questionable experience. What’s more, reputable businessmen have banded together to support and pump these groups.

Below, in January 2016, Brian Armstrong states “the number of people supporting BitcoinClassic keeps on growing.” Well, this may have been true during the initial marketing push, of which Bitcoiners like Brian Armstrong and Roger K. Ver partook, but once the honeymoon was over people sobered up and here we are nearly one year later and BitcoinClassic inspired suspicion and doubt

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