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Bitcoin Is for Winners: Simon Denny's Crash Course on CryptocurrencyEXPAND

At a opening for Simon Denny’s latest show during Petzel Gallery, “Blockchain Future States,” a co-worker and we stood in front of a vitrine clinging to a tangled start story of Bitcoin. My co-worker review a initial few lines of content UV-printed onto it and gave up. “I feel like I’d have to review about this perpetually to know it,” he told me.

It’s an good comment, given saying a Denny uncover mostly feels like a pile-up march in Silicon Valley culture, yet anyone to explain a technospeak. Emulating a mise-en-scène of product launches and tech stores, his installations rest on screens, collected data, and text-ridden sculptures. Words like “blockchain,” “API,” and “cryptocurrency” are thrown during viewers, as are dioramas, games, videos, mercantile charts, emails, inspirational quotes, and several doodads. Denny’s exhibitions are exhausting, yet they aren’t uninteresting — his shows consistently feel fresh, as yet a immature Berlin-based artist were ripping open digital technology’s purify extraneous and, any time, divulgence something new about a people who control it.

Denny takes Bitcoin as his theme in a mostly intelligent demeanour at

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