Bitcoin Mini – Another Overpriced Raspberry Pi 2-based Bitcoin Node Solution

When people hear the name “Bitcoin Mini” for the first time, they might expect to see a Bitcoin-branded Mini Cooper zipping through traffic.  Unfortunately, that is not what this Bitcoin Mini is about, even though that doesn’t make it less exciting. Running a full Bitcoin Node at home is becoming incredibly easy, and the Bitcoin Mini is another plug-and-play solution.

Bitcoin Mini – Become a Full Network Node At HomeDigitalMoneyTimes_Bitcoin Node

The tech-savvy aspect of Bitcoin is creating a lot of confusion for novice users, as they feel the need to grasp every tiny concept of virtual currencies before getting involved.  To be frank, no one needs to know exactly how Bitcoin works – on a detailed level – to make use of the digital currency.  Understanding it is possible to send money from one end of the world to the next, at a fraction of the cost, and in a convenient manner, should be the main concern.

Once people grasp that idea and see it in action for the very first time, there is plenty of time for more detailed questions and research.  Maintaining the Bitcoin network is not a job cut out

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