Bitcoin Network Hashrate Shows First Big Dip Since Halving

An interesting change is taking place in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem right now. Ever since the halving occurred, there has been a question as to whether or not the number of miners would start to diminish. While it is still early to tell, there has been a drop in hashrate all of a sudden. For now, it remains unknown what causes this shift, but if the trend continues, there will be a mining difficulty decrease on the horizon.

Bitcoin Mining Hashrate Drops For No Reason

It is not uncommon for the Bitcoin mining hashrate to show a decline now and then. Once could argue the mining power on the network has been declining since the beginning of July 2016, albeit the differences were rather minimal. This sudden drop, however, has taken things down by quite a notch.

Looking over the charts of the Bitcoin mining pools themselves, there does not seem to be anything out of the ordinary right now. Disqus Fish, Antminer, BTCC, and BW are still representing the vast majority of Bitcoin mining activity. The number of blocks found today is not higher or lower than it should be either.

It is

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